Series Bible

Nicholas Bennett


The foundation

A series bible explores the foundation and arc of the entire story. 

To create the Sentient series bible, we’re publishing of a series of posts that explore the story’s foundation.

To support visual reference on the way to a, ‘Look-book’ we use Pinterest boards.

As the body of the work grows we’ll assemble it into the one, streamlined document. For now, check out our posts and the Pinterest link below. 

Soundtrack – Sumner

Dale Sumner - Soundtrack


Sentiology - The science behind Sentient

Shared reference

Shared reference

The Stone papers 

Surviving Colonisation - The Stone pages

Soundtrack – Bernstein

Soundtrack - Bernstein

The Trailer

The trailer

Pinterest boards

Look book

What do they want?

Part Seven - What do they want?

Soundtrack – Latina

Soundtrack - Aaron Latina 

Part Five – Abilities 

Abilities of the Sentient - Dr. Amon Teicher's Journal 

Part Four – Conflict 

Series Bible - Part Four

Part Three – Lore

Series Bible - Part Three

 Part Two – The why

Series Bible - Part Two

 Part One – Sentient

Series Bible - Part One

Sentient - Presence Global Entertainment


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