The Moscow Series

The Moscow Series



Nikita Ivanenko

Daniel Garcia - Journey of the Seeds - Presence-Films

David Steinhoff - Head of Development - Presence Films


Team Moscow’s Nikita Ivanenko and Daniel Garcia represent the most prolific writing team on the Journey site. They have provided an enormous amount of content. Their concept work is very impressive. 

As Nikita and Daniel are writing in a second language, there are spelling and grammar errors. In no way should you discount their work because of it. We can fix those. You can complain when your Russian is better than their English. 

The dialogue doesn’t hold the same nuances that a native English writer would employ and is often overly long but once again, this is a collaborative site with a lot of native speakers, we can enhance the dialogue. 

Team Moscow has consistently delivered unique story concepts and solutions. Nikita and Daniel are exceptionally talented young writers. We’re very fortunate to have them as Journey team members. 

MOSCOW - Day One by Alexei Popov

Character profiles 

Team Moscow’s series commences with the introduction of two main characters, Veronique Villoing Molnár who possesses Dasha and Manuel Hector Catalina Alvarez Lafarga, Inquisitor of Aragon who returns to possess Dasha’s ex boyfriend, the DJ, Vladamir. Two scenes, ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Farewell’ were created to explore their backstories. 


Veronique – Masterpiece

Manuel the Inquisitor

The Inquisitor – Farewell

Lilit Karapetyan - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Maryna Kanivets


Over 24 micro-episodes have been created so far. Each episode runs four to sixteen pages long, is set in Russia and explores the events of Day one of the Journey.

We will be releasing multiple episodes monthly until the whole series has is out. Some episodes come with notes from the HOD. 

The house on the lake

This scene explores the possession. From the moment a person is possessed a deceit is in play where the person becomes trapped in their own mind and the returned soul from the abyss takes control of their mind and body. 

The house on the lake V1

The house on the lake V2


Hell of a night

Originally published as ‘Dasha’, the scene is set in a Moscow nightclub.

Hell of a night






Amanda Asquith - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Special thanks

Thanks so much to Team Moscow’s script doctor, Amanda Asquith.

A horizontal squiggly thung

Begin the journey

Lilit Karapetyan - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Elena Manuylenka - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Maryna Kavinets - Journey of the seeds -Presence Films

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  1. Finally having a chance to read these scenes- great stuff! So involved! Love it.

  2. Alex Soliven added this to the DAY ONE SCENE revealed.


    Classifications: Strong will allows better harmonics
    The spirits offer more than just knowledge. One can fully take over a host but with full harmonics, spirits can merge into something more than the sum of the parts.

    Class A: Strong Spirit and Medium
    Strong Harmonics puts both entities in sync. Lots of potential for trouble if one entity struggles with denial.
    Class B: Strong Spirit, Weak Medium
    Strong Spirit struggles to find strong match so relies on closest potential match. The spirits know patience all too well and they know what they want.
    Class C: Weak Spirit, Strong Medium
    Opposite of Mode 2. Medium wants to draw out Spirit’s potential while being strong enough to reject other’s influence.
    Class D: Weak Spirit and Medium
    Often overlooked but has huge potential for growth to other modes or very rarely, straight to Mode One when certain requirements are met.

    Class S: Special Cases
    Plenty of unusual opportunities here.

  3. Director and Motion Graphics guy, David Nerlich
    … discovered some well cool software to enable the DESTRUCTION of the house from Team Moscow’s HOUSE ON THE LAKE scene.

    Go see

  4. […] Moscow series introduced the concept of the return of the, ‘evil archetype from history’, in that […]


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